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Get Better Control of Your Cloud Activity

Easy Onboarding

Onboarding has never been simpler.
It can be completed in just minutes.

Smart Tagging

Use Pileus to implement tagging policies to gain visibility and control over your resource inventory.

Anomaly Detection

Pileus exposes under and over utilized cloud resources and make it easy to make rapid decisions to meet your business goals.

Multi-Cloud Inventory

Discovers all your cloud assets and provides you with a single console to view and manage your inventory.

Continuous Monitoring

With continuous monitoring and deep visibility, you gain the power to cut your cloud bill and eliminate unpredictable spending.

Personal Recommendations

Get the most relevant and impactful cost saving insights, customized to your needs.

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Cost Optimization That Considers 
Every Aspect of Cloud Usage

Kubernetes Support

Pileus utilizes proprietary algorithms to enable our users to “dive deep” into Kubernetes and identify at the Node level where under-utilization is occurring.

Pileus provides insights about your Kubernetes clusters and pods.
The multi “Group By” data set selection allows you to group by Namespace, Labels, Node, Instance Type, Linked Account, and more. By combining the Group By option with powerful Filters you suddenly gain a granularity into your Kubernetes that no other platform provides

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Get recommendations tailored for your environment, with precise steps to implement and take action that ensures you are using the optimal set of resources designed to meet your business goals and lower your monthly costs

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AWS Saving Plans Analyzer

Purchase AWS Savings Plans using our recommendation engine, make decisions based on your data to avoid mistakes and significantly save on your cloud costs.

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Dive Deeper into Your Data

Easily track your spending and usage across your projects with detailed reports and dashboards.

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Gain the Power of Predictability

Get a heads up on spend spikes before they happen and enforce Pileus’ automated controls to prevent them.

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What customers say about us

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! 

Pileus’s solution gave us visibility and control on our cloud billing at a granularity that we have never seen before. The recommendations that Pileus generated, saved us a huge amount in our cloud billing

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Rubi Cohen - Amdocs

Are you looking for cost reports, performance and cost optimization, complete overview and knowledge of your resources? Pileus is the full package! Never have to worry about resources going rogue ever again

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Cristiana Gheorghe - Kape Technologies

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