Let’s start here Cloud Cost Optimization

It’s true that moving to a cloud environment can and should reduce overall company cost. Unfortunately, this is not a given. While many organizations are making this move, there is room for what is called cloud waste. Simply put, spending more on the cloud than your organization actually needs to. Your cloud environment needs to be constantly checked and optimized to reduce overspending.

The goal of building a well-structured and healthy cloud system isn’t just to cut costs. We can use fitness goals as an analogy. When attempting to become more fit, most people focus on losing weight. But losing weight isn’t always the greatest key indicator in and of itself. You can lose weight as an outcome of other forces such as being sick or dehydrated. When we use weight loss as a key indicator, what we actually care about is our overall fitness or how we look and feel when being active, like the ability to play with our kids and live a long healthy life. Similarly, in the world of cost optimization, it’s not about just cutting costs. It’s about identifying waste and ensuring you are maximizing the value of every dollar spent. We at Pileus provide you not just a fitness program but a holistic solution for your organization.

While using cloud services we often become careless and instances are left running or volumes are unattached, or some other resources are kept idle which lead to increase cloud waste. To avoid such waste or carelessness, Pileus can calculate the cost which is generated due to the unused or underutilized resources and recommends corrective actions.

One reason for the waste is the mindset to overprovision that many IT professionals bring with them when they build their cloud infrastructure. Historically, IT departments have had to provision for peak demand. However, cloud environments minimize costs because capacity is provisioned based on average usage rather than peak usage. When you learn how to right size, you can expect massive savings on your monthly bill. Right-sizing traditionally speaks about the process of an organization restructuring or reorganizing itself. The aim is to streamline the business so that it can function more effectively. This process in the cloud is not much different. The idea is to match instance types and capacity in the most cost-effective way without compromising on performance.

The key to cloud optimization is to understand precisely your organization’s usage needs and patterns and know how to take advantage of the elasticity of the Cloud to respond to those needs. By planning ahead, before migration, you can significantly reduce your infrastructure costs. It’s also the process of looking at deployed instances and identifying opportunities to eliminate or downsize without compromising capacity or other requirements, which results in lower costs. Right-sizing is a key mechanism for optimizing Cloud costs, but it is often ignored by organizations when they first move to the Cloud. Organizations lift and shift their environments and plan for tweaks and adjustments later. Performance and speed are often prioritized over cost, which results in oversized instances and a lot of wasted spend on unused resources and we at Pileus can help you save here.

One of the most effective way to control your cloud costs is by Rightsizing. It involves consistent analysis of instance performance, usage needs, and patterns. Next, we will need to perform optimization on instances that are either overprovisioned or poorly matched to the workload. Because resource needs can constantly change, monitoring must be part of an ongoing process in order to continually achieve the most effective cost optimization. Cloud optimization does not need to be a painful process. You can create a comfortable process by establishing a tight cost analysis schedule.

For most organizations, the cloud environment already is or will soon be the reality. The Cloud is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and as its offerings and capabilities change, so will the ways in which organizations use it. Pileus gives you clear and specific recommendations on your spending and how to reduce cloud wasting.